The Parallel Body


"The Parallel Body comprises 43 poems. There are no titles, no obstacle to the flow between one poem and the next. I imagine a sea and poems as waves. I imagine a field and poems as gusts of wind. I imagine poems as love letters. The book begins with a series of questions to which there manifestly are no answers. Only the poems themselves can come close to unfolding these questions. Something secret emerges, something unspoken, something to be heard only in this body of wandering words."

-- Dom Gabrielli



"... good poetry, delicate and thoughtful, the kind I spontaneously enjoy."

-- Tomas Segovia, Poet & Writer




Piers Faccini : Notebooks 1990-1992
Piers Faccini : Notebooks 1990-1992

"why was I given
why held
why released from captivity
from what fountain at my side
inside me beside
a river of words and images



"A second fascinating collaboration by Dom Gabrielli, the poet,
and his brother Piers Faccini, the painter. The life of the spirit as it is lived in its most essential form is the subject of The Parallel Body. Gabrielli's words ask us to give up the false myths of our civilisation for a wholly new recognition of what beauty and love might be. It is a work of discovery and, consequently, identification, both with the universal and the other. Confessedly writing at an unholy pace, Gabrielli grabs the moment and stamps its essence onto the page. He conquers time by simply obliterating it. Piers Faccini's images have this same disconcerting immediacy. His drawings are uncorrupted by academic conditioning and apparently without the slightest yearning for approval or recognition." -- Back Cover Copy, Ziggurat Books


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