The Eyes of a Man


A confident first volume of poetry and prose by Dom Gabrielli that is rich in language and content. Gabrielli writes of man's vulnerability and brutality from a vantage that is entirely his own. He deconstructs the principles of 'literature' to find an open passage of feeling and thought, often while revealing the psychological aspects of the cultural landscape in which he has found himself. The struggle to be a poet amidst the desensitising atmosphere of our chaotic world dominates each encounter and relationship, be it with another person or yet another place, in this collection. Gabrielli's texts are counterpointed with the black and white prints of his brother Piers Faccini to give the book its own very particular visual fascination. With a foreword by Marcus Reichert, renowned painter, poet, and film-maker. 


From the back cover of The Eyes of a Man:


The exhilaration of living altogether openly through experience, be it illuminating or anguishing, is the catalyst for Gabrielli's writing. His work is an acknowledgement:
our sensibility is undeniably at one with the poetry of the moment, whether that moment is  extended, as with the labours of the hands and the heart, or an abrupt termination of what we have come to know and embrace. The landscape that Gabrielli inhabits is a precarious but ultimately satisfying place



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