Excerpted reviews posted at Amazon:

A brilliant collection of seventeen poems based on Rumi's writings, these poems are defly handled by a master poet. Each succeeding year, Gabrielli has been winning more and more notice for a fearless style that brings the heart of poetry to everyday readers. It is free of academc neurosis and self-regard. Rather, these poems–beautifully illustrated by Emily Faccini–bring to light the soul as it is universally understood. Buy this book. 

–Charles Bane

The quietness of this book belies the connotations often connecting frantic to frenzy, pointing discreetly toward the experiences and passion of being romantic and alive. Even the shape of the book lets you know to expect something unusual, beautiful, and unique. The minimalist lines drawn poetically in art and words entice you to dive in where "i have always been a river"–where "i would gamble these very bones to love you"–where "it was for you i wrote these lines." Exquisite, enticing, delicate, recommended … 

–Mary H Sayler

"All writing is a love letter." Dom Gabrielli's eagerly awaited last opus, A Strange Frenzy, begins with this quotation by Gilles Deleuze. With a most sensitive and constantly moving poetry, Gabrielli invites us with 17 poems to dialogue with the mystic Rum. Through these poems, he brings us to explore love, silence, the Universe … the soul, and following the lead of turning dervishes to dance with the stars. Delicate illustrations by Emily Faccini complete the book, with magnificent results. No hesitation here. If you do not know Rumi, Gabrielli will make you love him. Ad if you already do, you will definitely love A Strange Frenzy.

–Laetitia Lisa