A Strange Frenzy

The principle behind A Strange Frenzy, if you can call it a principle is to improvise a response to a snippet from a Rumi aphorism or poem. In the uncanny, and rather unlikely dialogue which ensues over cultures and epochs, hopefully, there is a constant challenge thrown down to boredom and convention and an exaltation of freedom in all its myriad manifestations, freedom to speak, freedom to be different, freedom to dare, freedom, above all else, to love.


Love teaches us that we must dare, we must take the gamble or else our lives are dull and lacklustre affairs. Rumi may talk of a love which joins with a grander more spiritual love of all loves, and I may attempt to write of a more material poetic love of moments and commitments to desire, and yet, there seems to be a bridge, where something like hope, dances, in a strange frenzy. Something like a desire which cannot be smuggled away into fact or capital, a stolen moment which somehow contributes to the eternal through its laughter and joy. Something remains, something sings, even in the pain. This strange book says : open me and write your way out of this prison !


The poems are accompanied by illustrations from Emily Faccini. Her drawings are simply marvelous. I hope you enjoy the journey.

-- Dom Gabrielli



 "How do we keep our love-secret?
 We speak from brow to brow
 and hear with our eyes."
 - Rumi



 skin to skin
 i breathe who you are


 through the lung in my eye
 i gobble your lies


 i devour each one with laughter
 licking the tips of your impudence


 i have grown vast like an ancient olive
 my silver leaves mirrors to skies azure


 i do not need to look to find your mouth
 nor call to hear your eyelashes caress my chest


 you have grown vast also
 like the deep underwater rivers
 without which your whole land of liars
 would lie beneath us in cinders



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