Writing has become a way of moving from place to place. It grew so secretly and before I knew it, I had new blood, another skin, another breathing, another map, one which mirrors that of the groves from where I travel and where the seasons are glorified in a thousand colours and breezes.


It is four books now and many others almost ready to leave their so-called author, to take their liberties, to fly to their readers ...


On this website, you can learn about them and how to find them. You will be able to consistently find news about them and newer publications.


Many readers have asked me why I no longer post work on the social networks. It is a question of trust, instinct. I just felt I had done my time there. It was repetitive, it became even boring. There is nothing worse than boredom and poetry, if that is what I do?, must be free, must look out with fresh eyes. There can be no collusion.

I was waiting for this space, offered to me by dear poet, friend and translator Laetitia Lisa, I feel empowered and happy to start afresh.


Dom Gabrielli - Paris, 12 January 2014

painting : Vincent van Gogh - Still life with french novels and a rose

"Close to both oriental and western mystical traditions, the poetry of Dom Gabrielli is a path towards nakedness and the silence of living. Towards forgetfulness and emptiness. Towards that effacement of self which is the condition of all true apparitions"


"Proche d’une certaine tradition mystique à la fois occidentale et orientale, la poésie de Dom Gabrielli est chemin vers la nudité et le silence de vivre. Vers l’oubli et la vacuité. Vers cet effacement de soi qui est la condition de toute véritable apparition."


(Jacques Ancet)



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